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Good To Know

Some things that you may or may not know about our shoppe and our drinks. 

General Info

  • Need a margarita delivery? We partner with Doordash and UberEats for fast and efficient delivery. (Special Note for Sunday deliveries: UberEats DOES NOT deliver alcohol on Sundays, so they will show us as closed. Please place your Sunday delivery orders through Doordash.) 

  • In a hurry and already know what you want? Go to our website and order online for pickup. We'll have it ready when you get here!

  • We're family friendly! We offer non-alcohol Muy Frio slushies, sodas, Topo Chico, and bottled water. We just ask that everyone is respectful of the space and other customers. No running and no children left unattended. :)

  • Need a space to sit and get some work done while you sip on a yummy drink? (alcohol OR non-alcohol) You're welcome anytime. BONUS TIP: Our slower days, Mon-Thu, are a great time to come pick a table and park it for as long as you need. Free wi-fi is always available. 

  • Have your own special event coming up? Need an offsite business meeting location? We've got you covered! Our event room is complete with tables, chairs and two smart TV's that you can use to play music on or screen mirror your laptop/phone. Inquire by calling the shop OR click on the Contact Us page here on the website. 

  • Looking for a fun night out? Check out one of our awesome  teacher Paint & Sip classes. You can even schedule a private Paint & Sip class! Do you have an idea for a class? Let us know! We love trying out new things. We always have a blast in our classes and we would love to have you join us!

Free wifi available

Drink Info

Chamoy rimmed marg.jpeg
  1. Keep your Muy Frio frozen beverage(s) in the freezer until you're ready to consume it. We promise it'll still be slushy.

  2. When you take your drink out of the freezer, the alcohol will have settled to the bottom. Let it sit for a few minutes and then either give it a good shake or use that straw and give it a good stir. It will mix back up nicely.

  3. If your drink has melted down, you can stick it in the freezer. It'll slush right back up for you. Then just repeat Step #2.

  4. If you're not able to consume your drink the day that you get it home, that's totally fine. Whether it's in one of our bottles or plastic cups, it will keep in the freezer for several weeks. (If it's in a plastic cup, just make sure keep it upright.)

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